The Royal Mint has released a new coin to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the final entry of Samuel Pepys’s diaries. The new coin comes in a brilliant uncirculated version, silver proof, and gold proof.

Pepys’s diaries have greatly enriched historians' knowledge and understanding of the critical events that took place in the turbulent 17th century. One of the most famous diarists ever, Pepys provided a first-hand account of the key events of the 17th century, ranging from the Second Dutch War to the Great Plague of London and Great Fire of London.

Occupying a key public post as the Clerk of the Acts of the Navy Board, Pepys continued to provide an invaluable first-hand account of the events of the 1660s until 31 May 1669, when he stopped out of his concern over his failing sight.

The reverse of the new coin depicts Pepys’s shorthand as he was writing his final words with a feathered quill. It displays an inscription of “the good God prepare me,” which was taken from the last page of his final diary. It further shows Pepy's signature and date of the final entry. Gary Breeze designed the reverse of the coin. 

The obverse portrays a portrait of Her Majesty the Queen. The portrait was designed by engraver Jody Clark.

Prices for the new coin range from £10 for the brilliant uncirculated version to £845 for the gold proof coin. The silver coin is priced at £110. According to the Royal Mint, the coin has a low mintage and therefore will not enter general circulation.

Source: Royal Mint