In celebration of the upcoming Halloween, the Royal Canadian Mint has released a new spooky coin featuring a ghostly encounter in one of Canada's most haunted buildings.

In a beautiful yet spooky design by artist Emmanuel Julian Madail Monzon, the reverse of this coin has a two-image lenticular design featuring a ghostly encounter in Ottawa's former jail building.

A visitor can be seen in the first image entering the former jail during an evening tour of the HI Ottawa Jail Hostel as the bar door is left ajar. When the coin is tilted, the door is closed and the eerie ghost of a former inmate hanged for the 1868 assassination of Thomas D'Arcy McGee appears behind the terrified visitor and looks directly at the viewer.

The reverse includes the monetary denomination of the coin, 50 cents, and the year of issue, 2019.

A profile of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt sits on the obverse.

This coin is struck in three-ply nickel with a steel-plated finish. It has a maximum mintage of 100,000 pieces.