On behalf of government and treasury of Niue Island, the New Zealand Mint issued late last week a new silver coin featuring images from Ali Baba and the forty thieves tale.

Ali Baba and the forty thieves tale is included in many versions of the One Thousand Night and One Night. It’s one of, if not the most famous Arabian Nights tales.

The reverse of the new coin features a number of images inspired by the famous story of Ali Baba and the forty thieves. It portrays the leader of the forty thieves at the entrance of a cave as he speaks the magic words to open the gate, while Ali Baba is on a tree watching.

The obverse of the coin depicts a new crest for the government of Niue. The year of manufacturer 2019 is placed under the seal, while Two dollars is written above it.

The new coin weighs 31.1g in .999 pure silver. It has a maximum mintage of 3000 coins.

A poor woodcutter, Ali Baba once saw in the forest a gang of 40 thieves standing in front of a closed cave. The leader of the thieves uttered the magic words of "open sesame" and the blocked cave opened. He then said "close sesame" and the gate shut closed.

Ali Baba Baba opened the cave by saying the magic words after the thieves had left, and saw unimaginable treasures inside. He told his brother, Kassim, the story. Kassim attempted to recover some of the treasure for himself but unfortunately for him he was killed by the gang after they found out about him.

Ali Baba was tracked by the gang after they found out that he knew about their secret cave. They attempted to kill him but his slave girl Morgiana thwarted their attempt and killed them all. Morgiana married Ali Baba's son and they lived a happy life.


Source: New Zealand Mint, Coin Update