(Image: The Sun)

As the UK is preparing itself for the Brexit scenarios, the Royal Mint has unveiled its plan to release a collection of 50 pence coins featuring different emojis.

The new collection of coins include six-themed coins featuring a peach, a heart, a flame, an aubergine, a poop emoji and a crying with laughter smiley. Therefore, depending on where you stand on the Brexit issue, you can collect the coin that expresses your position.

“What with Brexit, Royal Mint must have decided everyone could use some light relief, “the Sun quoted coins experts Penny Silver as saying, explaining that emojis was a good choice by the mint as it’s a tool for people to express themselves.

The new coins will be available in the market next month. Colored editions of the coins are expected to follow later in the year, according to the Sun newspaper.


Source: The Sun