(image:Pobjoy Mint)

The UK-based private Pobjoy Mint has released its second 2 oz silver coin of the 'Big Five' featuring African animals. The term big five refers to the most popular yet most dangerous African animals: The elephant, the lion, the leopard, the Rhino and the Buffalo.

The new coin portrays an African lion, the King of the Jungle, which Pobjoy says it expects to be widely popular with the coin collectors. It portrays the head of a lion in a way that resembles a mask.

This is a second release of a series of five coins to be released this year by the Pobjoy Mint. The first coin was released last month and it featured an elephant and proved to be "extremely popular" in the coins' market, according to the mint.

Three more coins will be released to feature the three remaining animals of the big five. The coins are meant to display the power of these strong animals and their appeal among people. Many tourists travel to Africa in order to get to see these animals.