Magnolia has released new gold and silver coin featuring the famous German philosopher and economist Karl Marx. The new coin is the fourth issue of CIT’s "Revolutionaries" series. The silver coin is produced in 99.99 pure silver while the gold version comes in .9999 pure gold.

The previous three releases of the series featured Chinggis Khaan, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara respectively. Like the other designs of the CIT’s Revolutionaries series, this coin enjoys a masterfully minted portrait instead of the ornamental elements. The portrait has a shadow-enhancing digital print applied to it, strengthening the three-dimensional smart-minting relief. CIT revolutionaries series are issued annually since 2016 at the World Money Fair.

The reverse side of the new coin features an incredible high relief portrait of Karl Marx. The portrait is highlighted with digital printing. On top of the portrait, there is an inscription of “Karl Marx”. The reverse further shows the date of issue, 2019, at the bottom.

The obverse features an emblem of the Central Bank of Mongolia, under which an inscription of 1000 Togrog. While the silver version has the inscription of “1 oz .999 SILVER”, “0.5 g .9999 GOLD” is inscribed at the bottom of the gold coin.

The silver coin has a limited mintage of 1000 coins. The gold coin has a mintage of 5000 coins.

Source:Coin Week