The Royal Canadian Mint issued a new silver coin in March with a design similar to the 1949 silver dollar, which marked the Newfoundland and Labrador joining of the Canadian Confederation. The issuance of this coin celebrates the passage of 70 years since Newfoundland and Labrador became the newest province of Canada after they were a part of the British colony.

The coin features the Mathew vessel of the European explorer John Cabot who set sail towards the Newfoundland in 1497. Despite being Italian, John Cabot represented England under King Henry VII. He was given ships to discover new lands. He discovered the Newfoundland in 1497, using the Mathew vessel.

The coin is a 5 oz. 99.99 percent silver pure whose obverse featuring a statue of King George VI. This statue appears on the original dollar which was hand carved by Thomas Shingles, a master engraver.

The coin is currently available in the market. It comes as a part of newly issued coins by the Royal Canadian Mint.


Source: Royal Canadian Mint