The Central Bank of Latvia will release on Thursday a new silver collector coin dedicated to the literary works of the Latvian poet, prose-writer and politician Kārlis Skalbe (1879–1945). The new coin is named "Cat's Mill" after a popular Latvian fairy tale from "Winter Tales" (1913), by Kārlis Skalbe.

Winter Tales is composed of 9 fairy tales. It has been included in the Latvian Cultural Canon. Skalbe wrote part of the tales while in prison. The Cat's Mill is about a homeless cat and his journey to the of the world, where he managed to teach a sad king to smile again. The moral of the fairy tale is the importance of forgiveness and not spreading evil. Other values taught by this fairy tale are honesty, diligence, and love.

The reverse side of the new coin features a cat sitting on a king’s lap in the center. It has an inscription of “ĶĒNIŅ, ES NEPIEMINU ĻAUNU” (MY KING, I BEAR NO GRUDGE) and the year 2019 arranged in a semi-circle to the right.

The obverse features a cat with a patched sack on his back and a walking stick in his hand in the foreground. It further shows a mill with a black cat standing in the doorway displayed in the background. An inscription KĀRLIS SKALBE. "KAĶĪŠA DZIRNAVAS" (KĀRLIS SKALBE. "CAT'S MILL") is featured in a semi-circle to the left, with an inscription 5 EURO arranged to the right.

Struck in .925 silver, the new silver coin has a maximum mintage of 2500 coins. It’s priced at 46.00 euro. 

Source: Latvian Information Agency