The Italian Mint has celebrated the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the State General Accounting Office by releasing a new a 5 euro silver commemorative coin. The State General Accounting Department was founded in 1869. It has played an essential role in the Italian economy ever since.

The reverse of the new coin features two geometric figures on the applications of the golden section. It shows an inscription “RAGIONERIA GENERALE DELLO STATO”, which translates as the general reasoning of the state. It also shows the denomination of the coin, issue date, and date of the foundation of the State General Accounting Office.

The obverse features an image of the headquarters of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance. It also displays colored flags of the Republic of Italy and the European Union. “REPUBBLICA” is inscribed on top, while “ITALIAN” is engraved at the bottom.

The new coin was struck in .925 pure silver at Mint of Rome. It has a limited mintage of 2,500 pieces.

Source: Coin Week