DMD has released a new 3 oz silver coin featuring a crocodile as the fourth addition to its Underwater World series. Previous releases in the series featured a great white shark, a turtle, and a dolphin respectively, all with a consistent style and specification.

In a beautifully detailed design similar to the previous releases of this series, the reverse of the new coin features a full crocodile with his mouth wide open, showing his sharp teeth. The image of the crocodile is depicted as part in, and part out against a background filled partially with translucent blue resin, reflecting a lively underwater world. There is a selection of marine life that appear along the outer rim, with "CROCODILE" is inscribed on top, and year of issue, engraved at the bottom.

The obverse side displays the Barbados coat of arms in a central circle surrounded by a wide selection of marine life in a band. Inside the central circle, "BARBADOS" appears above the coat of arms and the denomination, "5 DOLLARS", below it. Above the outer circle, which shows a selection of marine life, appears the inscription "UNDERWATER WORLD".

Struck in .999 pure silver, the new coin has a limited mintage of 999 pieces.

Source: AgAuNews