The UK-based private Pobjoy Mint has wrapped its stylized and popular 'Big Five' series with the release of the fifth coin featuring this time the head of a buffalo. Like the previous releases of the series, this coin is produced in 2 oz fine silver.

The term big five refers to the most popular yet most dangerous African animals: The elephant, the lion, the leopard, the Rhino and the Buffalo. The four previous releases featured an elephant, a lion, a Riho, and a leopard respectively.

As is the case with previous releases of the series, the new coin is issued on behalf of Sierra Leone and produced in an impressive High Relief, demonstrating the power of these mammals and showing their popularity and appeal among tourists.

The reverse side of this collectible coin features the head of a buffalo designed in a way that resembles an African mask. Like previous releases, it has a special incused rim featuring an African pattern to continue the theme.

The obverse displays the Coat of Arms of Sierra Leone. It shows the nation's motto "UNITY, FREEDOM, JUSTICE." The inscriptions "REPUBLIC OF SIERRA LEONE" and "2019" are surrounding the emblem.

This series is meant to display the power of these strong animals and their appeal among people. Many tourists travel to Africa in order to get to see these animals.

The new coin is struck in .999 pure silver. It has a limited mintage of only 500 coins.

The African Buffalo is a slightly different species to the domesticated Buffalo. Used to fight off predators such as Lions and Crocodiles, they can be wild and unpredictable. They are considered by many to be the most dangerous of the Big Five to game hunters, with wounded animals likely to ambush and attack the hunter.