A science fiction scene of the alien invasion of the earth has featured on a two-ounce fine silver coin. 

The reverse of the new coin features an alien with red eyes standing tall above the rubble of a modern city with several flying saucers overhead launching attacks against the city. The sky is covered with thick smokes gathering like black fogs to accentuate the magnitude of destruction and power used by aliens. The image depicts a science fiction narratives of the alien invasion of the earth to exterminate human life and destroy planet earth.

The obverse displays Chad's Coat of Arms inside a triangular structure above which rests an alien control station. "REPUBLIQUE DU TCHAD" is inscribed on top of the control station. The obverse also shows the face value, issue year, and metal quality and weight of the coin.

The new coin is struck in 999 pure silver with an Antique finish by a private American mint. It has a maximum mintage of 500 coins.

European Mint is the exclusive distributor of this coin outside the United States.

The alien invasion of earth is a popular feature in science fiction stories and movies. It has grown in popularity since science fiction emerged as a genre. Stories of alien invasion portray aliens coming to invade the Earth with objectives ranging from exterminating human life or enslaving it under an intense state to destroying the planet altogether.

Prospects of alien invasion tend to change according to the state of current affairs. For instance, alien invasion was a common metaphor in the United States science fiction during the Cold War, reflecting the fears of foreign occupation and nuclear devastation of the American people by the then Soviet Union.

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