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2023 1 oz Congo Silverback Gorilla .999 Silver BU Coin

VAT Margin Scheme

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Year 2023

Weight: 1 troy ounce

Metal: 999 Silver

Country: Congo

Denomination 500 Francs CFA

Grade: Proof Like

Mintage 75,000


In the heart of the verdant and untouched central African forests, a majestic presence commands attention - the silverback gorillas, awe-inspiring creatures celebrated for their sheer strength and commanding presence. But beyond their imposing stature, these gentle giants are renowned for their remarkable relationship with their offspring, revealing a tender and nurturing side that touches the soul.

Within the intricate social structure of gorilla families, the silverback, the dominant male, assumes a vital and respected role as the protector and leader. Surrounded by several adult females and their young ones, silverbacks exude an air of authority that instills a sense of security and stability within the group. It is in their interactions with their young ones that the true essence of their nurturing nature shines through.

Through gentle grooming sessions, playful exchanges, and shared moments of fun and games, silverbacks forge profound and enduring bonds with their offspring. Each gesture becomes an expression of love and belonging, weaving a tapestry of family unity within the gorilla clan.

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